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56 Reviews
79% (44)
11% (6)
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4% (2)
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89% Recommend this product (50 of 56 responses)
By Suzan J.
Thousand Oaks California
Visbiome vet
April 18, 2024
This product saved my dog… he had constant diarrhea… I was at a loss… until I found Visbiome Vet
By Risa
Blue Bell ,Pa
Visbiome Vet Capsules Probiotic for Pets
February 6, 2024
This is a quality product. It has helped my dog Skyy immensely . I recommend it .
By Margi
North Las Vegas
January 10, 2024
Almost had to put my kitty down due to his chronic diarrhea. Bought this product as a last resort and it has helped reduce his problem by 95%. I can now manage it and I'm so glad I could keep him around! I recommend this product highly!
By Daniel Z.
Visbiome pro biotics
January 2, 2024
Very high quality product and quantity purchase discounts available!
  • See above
  • None
By Sue C.
Effective Product
December 9, 2023
My 3.5 year old Golden Retriever, Lucy has been on these for a year, per her holistic Oncologist. Combined with other high grade supplements and a clean organic diet, she is doing well.
By Mari
East coast
November 12, 2023
This was prescribed for my dogs serious digestive problems. Regular probiotics did not work. VisBiome needs to be refrigerated. It must be a live culture, I guess. I wish it were more easily available since it literally saved my dog's life.
By Barbara
You've made me a believer!
November 6, 2023
I can not believe how this product has helped my 10 year old standard poodle. the dietary changes we made along with this probiotic has really helped.
  • really helps dog digest food and poops are completely normal
  • I feel it took some time to become effective
By Michael
Clayton, Georgia
November 5, 2023
Visbiome Vet is a very good probiotic and my GSP, Prince, is doing much better. His vet prescribed this R/X for his sensitive stomach. I found out that I could buy this product over the counter without a vet prescription. I found the best deal on line at Entirely Pets and I am very happy with the buying experience. The product was delivered in a special ice packed box and was still cold when I received it as it must stay refrigerated. Thank you Entirely Pets!
  • Good pricing and packaging was excellent.
  • None
By Sylvester
October 19, 2023
The meds came the very next day, securely wrapped in ice. I serve this in powder form, mixed with baby food and i haven’t had a problem since. Love it.
By scott
garnet valley, PA
best prices!
October 14, 2023
this product has really helped our. I put it on auto delivery to get the best price and ships out every 2 months like clock work!
By Michelle
Covington, LA
Visbiome is the Best!
October 8, 2023
Visbiome is the best! This probiotic worked great for my pup. He was having lots of diarrhea and my vet recommended we give it a try. As long as he stays on it regularly, he has formed stools, and his belly doesn't bother him.
By Vannah
Got teddy on track
October 4, 2023
My IBD yorkie had a random bout of recurring diarrhea that his normal antibiotics didn’t get a hold on. After 3 weeks of no improvement i bit the bullet and place an order for visbiome; his doctor had been recommending it for months but its definitely pricey. This seems to have put an end to the cycle. He’s small enough to get away with using half doses. These come in capsules which are way too big for any dog under 30000 pounds so i just open the capsule and dump the contents into a syringe and mix it with water and prebiotics. He doesn’t mind the taste.
  • Fast acting and strong
  • Pricey and large pill sizes
By Al
I'm well pleased.
October 2, 2023
I'm well pleased. That sums it up. Please believe me. That is far better than stating that I have no complaints. I will be pleased to place orders with them in the future..
Very effective
September 11, 2023
Product is effective! EntirelyPets does a great job of shipping on time and packaged temperature-appropriate for this med. I have an auto-ship order however, that does not allow me to take advantage of the periodic discount offers I receive from EP… wish there was a way to apply those! EP has yet to respond to requests to do so.
By Kim
Quickly helped regulate my Pup's GI tract
September 1, 2023
This has been great at keeping my pup's GI tract straight as she battles with Lymphoma. We are so glad this helped ease her stomach back in order so she is no longer having GI pain and nausea/vomiting.
By L
August 31, 2023
great product and delivery!
By Clara
Kansas City Metro Area, Kansas
An Otherwise Apparently Excellent Product That Unfortunately Has Only Exacerbated My Pet's Issue
August 29, 2023
I have a 5 year old Chihuahua mix who has always had healthy, perfectly firm stools at least twice a day, until recently. About a month ago her last stool a day started becoming softer and looser, though formed enough to pick up. Nothing in her diet has changed and there have been no new stressors. I read how well Visbiome Vet works for chronic loose stools, so I was anxious to put my baby girl on Visbiome Vet and certain it would get her back to her perfectly firm stools 100% of the time. I started her on one Visbiome capsule a day, 5 days ago, and despite the fact her first stools a day are still firm and healthy, her last stool a day has now become looser than it has ever been in her life.. From what I've read, Visbiome works to cure loose stools immediately. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked for my baby girl, and has only exacerbated her her issue. I have decided to stop giving her Visbiome.
By Jack
Chelsea, Michigan
Real Difference
August 22, 2023
This product has made a real difference in the quality of life for my little female cat. She formerly had issues with loose stools and vomiting. Since taking the probiotic, those symptoms have vanished.
  • Very fast acting
By Jim K.
Scottsdale Arizona
Great product
July 14, 2023
Great Product and a great price.
  • It has to be refrigerated.
By Marilyn
LaGrange Park
Great service!
July 2, 2023
Entirely Pets is easy to order from and they provide quality items at good prices.
  • Great prices
By Jim K.
Scottsdale Arizona
Great product
June 1, 2023
Great probiotics...
By William
New York
My dog is healthy again
May 2, 2023
Visbiome brought my dog back to being healthy and active. After having gastrointestinal issues, Visbiome was prescribed by his vet. IT WORKED!

Merchant Response:Hello William, That is great to hear! EntirelyPets hope your pet continues to improve and feel better using Visbiome! Sincerely, EntirelyPets Pharmacy
  • Dog is back to his normal self
  • NONE
By Gretchen P.
Refill order
March 30, 2023
Once we got order started, it was shipped promptly as we were running low.
By Yelias
Visbiome probiotics
March 28, 2023
Very good product. My dog take it everyday for her digestive issues and it is working so far.

Merchant Response:
By Chris
White Stone VA
Visbiome Vet High Potency Probiotics
January 18, 2023
Best probiotic on the market. Recommended by my holistic veterinarian.

Merchant Response:Hello Chris, We appreciate your feedback, EntirelyPets works diligently to provide quality products to our customers that many vets would also recommend. Sincerely, EntirelyPets Pharmacy
By Janelle
January 2, 2023
Received quickly and in good condition.
By Robert J.
Schnecksville, Pa
December 26, 2022
I had a discount and when the checkout was complete it was not subtracted. Amazing!
By Lilliana
San Marcos, CA.
December 8, 2022
Works great! Gut health is very important for dogs of all ages.
By Holly
Great product horrible customer service
December 8, 2022
Horrible customer service will never buy from entirely pets pharmacy again
By Ali
New York, NY
10/10 product- customer care 3.5
November 7, 2022
This has really helped keep my dog consistent with digestion. Small 5 pound dog so I open the capsule and sprinkle into her food as the pill is much too large. I've had this on auto ship for 4+ month- each month the price keeps going up on my auto ship without any context or warning. Went from $57 to now $65 with no explanation or warning... Found it on the website that makes the product for $40 a bottle and $0 shipping.. seems a little silly to keep increasing the price for a return client and not letting them know you keep making the price go up each month?
By Karen
Phoenix AZ
Love the product, but……..
October 19, 2022
I received an email on 9-27 saying my product would be shipped within about a week. When my product didn’t come about 10 days later and I hadn’t heard a thing, I messaged and heard nothing. Then I called, was told they would check with pharmacy and heard nothing. My package came within a day or so but zero communication. I also thought that the reason I was on auto ship was to get free shipping and I did not. I’m pretty annoyed at the whole transaction.
  • Great product.
  • A huge hassle and lack of response to get my product.
By Ed
Northridge, CA
The product is great! Customer service... not so much
September 27, 2022
I have been buying this product for months now, without issue. Suddenly they send me two shipments instead of one and Charlie ne for both. I received a return label, and sent it back to them. Got the tracking from USPS stating the company received the product back. But here we are 16 days later and still no refund! I contact customer service only to be ghosted. This is ridiculous for a company to blow a customer off like this.
  • The products
  • Customer service and trying to get a refund is hell.
By LBR73
Size of Capsule a Major Problem for My Pup
September 26, 2022
My vet suggested I purchase this probiotic due to my pup's current treatment for Histoplasmosis. As long as we have had him (about 10 mos), he has had problems with digestion. Obviously, a quality probiotic would be extremely helpful for him considering we are looking at 6 mos of intensive medication in order to save his life. Unfortunately the probiotic I received is delivered in very large capsules. My dog is only 10 lbs. There is no way he can safely swallow these. I have also tried mixing the probiotic into various foods like yogurt, applesauce, etc. He normally has no issue with these foods but KNOWS when I've mixed this in and refuses to eat it. So then I thought I'd transfer the contents of the provided capsules into smaller capsules provided by our local pharmacist. It takes approx 3 smaller capsules to contain the contents of 1 larger capsules. While tedious and challenging due to arthritis in my hands, it is possible but not something I can do for any length of time. There is also (at least for me) a tremendous amount of waste when I attempt this. The probiotic absorbs any humidity/moisture in the air and becomes clumpy. All of this to say, I don't see how I can reasonably use this probiotic on a daily basis for my little Miniature Schnauzer. I wish there had been some consideration regarding anatomical limitations of smaller dogs. Please consider packaging this in alternative capsules for smaller dogs.

Merchant Response:Your efforts are appreciated by your little guy. We wish they were a better size too. Wishing you both the best. ?
  • Size of Capsule
By Tina s.
September 24, 2022
Sent the company pictures of the mangled box I received with the defrosted packs. Never heard back.
By Jamey m.
Chesapeake Virginia
Good product
September 16, 2022
My dog no longer licking paws or shaking head
By Bill
Astoria N Y
Back to normal
September 16, 2022
This product has made a difference in my dogs gastrointestinal issues. My vet highly recommended it.
By Diane M.
It has really made a difference in my dog Gracie, its capsule is a little more difficult to give her as she doesn't like pills or capsules. However she is good about taking them.
August 18, 2022
I would highly recommend this company, they were very helpful in explaining the product and what to expect

Merchant Response:We love to hear reviews just like this. Thanks for sharing.
  • Easy to keep in the refrigerator and we have not had any side effects
  • n/a
By Gail
Hobe Sound, Fl.
Amazing Results
August 16, 2022
I have a standard poodle who has suffered with IBD. We tried several Vets before we found our current Vet who recommended Visbiome/Vet.... This product is amazing and we believe this has saved Beau's life...Many of recommended treatments for IBD can shorten a dogs life for sure. So if you perfect pooch has tummy problems or more severe problem like IBD... I would recommend you talk to your Vet and start this program A.S.A.P. We have our boy back and are so lucky we found Visbiome/Vet. Thanks Visbiome

Merchant Response:Gail, Your story brings tears to our eyes and makes us proud to be in the service of animals. Thank you.
  • Quick results
  • Expensive.. Must be refrigerated... Coming from California can be a shipping problem.
By Earl
August 13, 2022
Cold pack packaging was totally warm and mushy. I don't know if the probiotics is any good now. It was opened the day it arrived!
By Sudie
Longmont, CO
New energy
August 13, 2022
My little dog, aged 3, seems to have a new lease on life after this probiotics. Wonderful to watch. Thanks

Merchant Response:Encouraging words Sudie!
By Liliana
Queens, New York
Good digestion
August 12, 2022
I like this product for my dog
By Sarah
Altadena, Ca
vet recommended and it's a triumph
August 11, 2022
originally prescribed for my dog (shep / rottweiler mix) while he was taking an anti-biotic. but i intend to keep him on these. he doesn't seem to have bouts of stomach upset anymore and even his breath smells better. i sprinkle it on his food. 10/10

Merchant Response:
By Unhappy l.
Unprofessional and uninformed
August 7, 2022
I called several times to check my order, which I was never notified was back ordered. Finally one person told me it was shipped, after days of waiting I call to find out it never was! Second girl now tells me the same story, she is having it shipped out now. It is being shipped from CA to CT this meds need to be refrigerated. Long story short they packed it with three small ice packs, FedEx was delayed three times held up in Tennessee and came with ice packs broken and melted. When I called the company they just said to me well it should still be good your customer service is awful. Canceled my AutoShip will never deal with this company.
  • If there were any to give you I’d gladly like to mention some but I can’t even say I liked any of your representatives.
  • You’re one representative even lied to me when I asked if you pack with dry ice and she said yes. I asked my concern how long does it last and she told me 10 days. You don’t even use dry ice when another one spoke with me when I told her all of your ice packs came melted and broken.
By Sandy
Bergen County, NJ
Great product
July 12, 2022
Capsule contents get sprinkled on “my girls’” breakfasts every morning and they eat every bite. Recommended by my vet. Excellent service.
Atlanta, GA
Great product and Customer Service
June 1, 2022
Will use product and company again
By Smka
Pasco, wa
Probiotic heaven
April 17, 2022
I love this probiotic. My dog had diarrhea while taking antibiotics and adding this probiotic to her diet stopped the diarrhea.
  • Easy to use. My dogs will even lick the powder off my fingers because they like it so much.
By Tom
Long Island,New York
Good product
April 10, 2022
Works well for my French bulldog’s digestive system. It was recommended by my Vet.
  • Easy to open capsule and mix in the food.
  • None yet.
Bay Area, California
Great Product, my dog feels better with Visbiome
March 22, 2022
My Vet recommended Visbiome. It was quite the drive to his office. So I was thrilled when I found it on Entirely Pets, and they could ship it for a lower price. A subscription is excellent, too. I don't have to remember to order it. It arrives at my door perfectly packaged and refrigerated. Thanks, Entirely Pets, for making my life easier and my dogs better. JK
By Tina
Athens, GA
March 22, 2022
We rotate through probiotics for our pets and I am excited to add this one to the mix.
By Donna T.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
You need this
February 28, 2022
I have two cats one is IBD and the other recovered from FIP…this is one of the best on the market…if your giving Probiotics this is the one you need….Entirely Pets Pharmacy is easy to work with and delivery is fast and easy….the probiotics needs to be kept cold and I never have an issue.
  • Works great?
  • Needs to be shipped on ice?it must be kept cold.

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